May 5, 2009

the Geek and the Exceptional

I’m a geek and I’m proud of it. Armed with books and things to carry is my pride. I am not fashionable, yet I am simple. I only wear tight jeans, a tucked in sweat shirt and a large eye glass of color pink. My hair is so sleek and is combed perfectly.
“Am I ugly?”
No you’re not
“Am I?”
I’m Grey. And I’m in love with a jock. He’s no ordinary student. He’s got it all. The perfect guy for everyone to love to. But, I’m a man. I mean, do I have the chance?
There he is along the hallway walking coolly. He’s going to pass by me. This is a typical day for a typical ordinary freak. Standing upright, steady; can’t even utter a word of greeting. (sigh…)

I am the exceptional. Well built body and a dragon tattoo on the back is my mark. I am smart, athletic, good- looking and popular. I am proud of myself. I wear skinny jeans, polo shirts by Hermes and a handy notebook to go with. I have a white tone appearance and my hair is fixed with styling goop. In short, I am a perfect know-it-all hotie.
“That geek…”
Are you sure?
“Yes, I’m really sure.”
I’m Terry. And I’m in love with a guy. Call me crazy but I don’t have affections on women at all. This is my big secret. For all they know I am manly. But I’m not. I’m in love with a geek. Yes, I’m in love with a guy who happens to be the president of the chess club.
What I feel for him is tremendous. But what can I do to make it true? We are both at world’s end. So far yet so close. Is he feeling the same way as I am right now?…

“I am speaking terms of every gay in town. In some part of this world, may it be in school, in an office, company, or may be just your local friend or neighbor. There will come a point that either of you will fall in love, in secrecy or not, nothing will stop the beat of your heart, your feelings and affection. So, just let be and let it guide you to that path where you are feeling most comfortable.”


HOMER said...

thanks for dropping by my site. :P

Evora Bogacki Hiso said...

ever since i really like the way you write.
this one is bold and so spontaneous but then it could happen to reality and could happen to anyone!
LOL it's like a cinderella story, i hope it will turn into that of an ugly duckling one!!!

glad to hav a friend like you!!!GBU and TC..OXOX

karl said...

hahaha! thaks vor...
i appreciate every ounce of your gratitude and praise.
you're a good writer as well, well too good than me. lol!
yep, this could happen to anyone. and sad to say it didn't happen to me. huhu... nut who knows, nangyari na siguro pero di ko lang napansin. haha!

Anonymous said...

just thought i'd stop by and see what you're up to, anyhoo! i love this post of yours. i got to know a little bit of who you are. you seemed to be very well grounded kind of guy (down to earth)... :)

have a great week!


karl said...


thanks for commenting. hmmm. down to earth ha. ehe! thanks any way.
this post, you see, it's just a mirror of all the going-ons in my life. and yeah, i'm really like that geek guy, i mean not the whole geeky thing but the attitude. so sad though. but hey, there's always a bright side for everything. right?
take care starfish...

your name, starfish, it reminds me of patrick star from spongebob the squarepants show. lol

see ya