January 27, 2009

It Started With a Kiss

I was in a deep thought heading toward my bed when all of a sudden my legs collapsed and I was down on my knees for no reason. My heart was pounding fast, chills run down my spine and gave me the goosebumps. Everything seemed totally in a bliss. I rose up and went to bed. I lie down gently.
The moon was so bright and the stars were twinkling elegantly. I began to noticed that the sky was getting darker and darker, it was the cloud covering the moon and the stars like some dark force invading a helpless group of angels. Drops of tears started to fall continuously. I wasn't aware of it really. In fact, I was bothered by its loud thumping on the roof that I could not draw myself to sleep but kept thinking of what happened that noon...

It was 4:30 late that noon when I had just finished writing all my term paper documents. I was so exhausted that I immediately put all the papers in my drawer and went off in a rush. I entered the tube-like prison cell machine called the elevator and waited for it to close. It was about to close when a man two years older than me stepped right in. My heart then started to beat rapidly for the man seemed promiscuous by nature. It was Myigo, my all time crush from grade school and my friends best friend. He was also working at the company. We exchanged smiles and talked for some time. He was wearing a brown ragged coat and a black undershirt, white complexion and a perfectly combed brunette hair. His eyes were coral blue and his lips were red like a rose that bloomed from its bud. He looked handsome as ever.
He kept looking at me as if he wanted to eat me viciously. We were the only person on that elevator. I was hurrying to get out of that machine but I couldn't because we were only on the 10th floor from the ground. I was so nervous that I froze in total nothingness. His hand suddenly reached for my cheek. I looked at him, puzzled. Things got so fast that the next thing I knew we were kissing passionately. It was like heaven, like my longing for him finally paid off. His soft lips pressed on mine deeply and how tender his lips were; the taste of his mouth was so sweet that it made me kissed him even harder. The moment came to me, I noticed that the time of our closeness seemed too long and that it was time to withdraw but my hands won't let. He then gently caressed my neck; I was so aroused that for a second I opened my eyes and saw the floor meter run down to the ground floor and as the door opened I immediately threw myself back and hurriedly went out the elevator. My heart was still beating fast. I could not think straight that I forgot about the party I had to go to. I wanted to go back for him but then I just let myself walked with delight. Without control, I wheeled back at him and gave him a smile. He looked back at me too and nodded and smiled...

Half past three in the morning and I couldn't shut my eyes at all. The rain was heavy and keeps falling completely. I felt the cold all over my body. Alas! my eyes began to close its suffering gently. I tugged for my pillow and blanket. I moved sideways. From there, I could see his angelic face sound asleep. His hands, warm as he embraced me unconsciously. I kissed him and turned off the light as its brightness slowly fade and covered us in total blackness of silhouette.

January 26, 2009

My Misery

January 19, 2009. It was that very first day of the week before the midterm examination when I was feeling depressed and weak. Before I went to school I was already crying.
All the pressure went straight to my heart. I could not take it much longer, I exploded. Tears began to fall and there was nothing I could do 'coz the pain cut me deep, too deep that I forgot about my 7:30am class.
I went to school sobbing, my eyes were bulging and red. I wasn't paying any attention in my R.E. subject, I was so preoccupied with what I'm feeling that time not until the 8:30 class. I was finishing my write- ups and sources and when i was done, I rested for a while. There it was, my heart started to ache emotionally. I knew I was going to cry so I told my teacher if I could go out. She said yes, so I immediately went off. While walking, I wasn't able to take hold of my feeling that in a second I burst into tears. Watery eyed, a friend called, it was my best friend Diza. I ignored her but she seemed to noticed that I was crying. She followed me at the comfort room, she waited for me outside. I was already crying hard when I came to her. She comforted me and patted my back for relief. But I could not stop crying because all the problems, the hurt, the nag, financial crisis, and family problem came out. All of it made me lose my state- being. I cried and cried until my eyes soared and appeared puffy. In my head, I told myself to give- up but I was to weak to do so.
I was so angry yet sad of the things happening to me. I did not understand of all the people, why me? So I came to think that maybe it's all just a part of my journey. The way I'm going through is too steep and rigid. A path where I had to play the one being bullied, being the miserable. But nothing will stop me here.
I will go on...
I'll come through...

January 9, 2009

Long Distance

It's hard to fall in love with someone from far away. Judging the distance of your relationship is just impossible.
Keeping in touch with one another through technology is cool, but having an affair in cyber world? creepy!
Nothing, nothing is great if you only know the person through this and that and not in the real world. You might never know if he/she is true to you and is honest in every way. It's just that everything is possible in this kind of situation. We can only bare in mind that any time is a good opportunity to let hold of someone's neck. We need to be very careful and be very cautious at all times. It's not safe to play games with strangers. You'll never know, he\she might grab you from behind and drag you all the way to nowhere.

January 3, 2009

New Year Bonanza!

Ugh! I was drunk when we waited for 2009 to come. Beers everywhere, Wines, Carlo Rossi red and white wine, etc... What a night that was! The fireworks were the bomb; it lighted the pitch dark sky with beautiful booms of explosion. The streets were as loud as ever, smoke emitted by the fireworks covered the road, people here and there shouted at the top of their lungs! That night was really something. It was the best new year celebration I ever had and these wines proved that I was intoxicated by their evil but sweet temptation! oh yeah! I felt like heaven was near me that my ears were so hot and ready to erupt!
2009... Cheers to you! I just hope that This year is going to be a blast. That everything will change for the better and every opposition will unite to renew the chaos that has been.