January 3, 2009

New Year Bonanza!

Ugh! I was drunk when we waited for 2009 to come. Beers everywhere, Wines, Carlo Rossi red and white wine, etc... What a night that was! The fireworks were the bomb; it lighted the pitch dark sky with beautiful booms of explosion. The streets were as loud as ever, smoke emitted by the fireworks covered the road, people here and there shouted at the top of their lungs! That night was really something. It was the best new year celebration I ever had and these wines proved that I was intoxicated by their evil but sweet temptation! oh yeah! I felt like heaven was near me that my ears were so hot and ready to erupt!
2009... Cheers to you! I just hope that This year is going to be a blast. That everything will change for the better and every opposition will unite to renew the chaos that has been.

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