January 9, 2009

Long Distance

It's hard to fall in love with someone from far away. Judging the distance of your relationship is just impossible.
Keeping in touch with one another through technology is cool, but having an affair in cyber world? creepy!
Nothing, nothing is great if you only know the person through this and that and not in the real world. You might never know if he/she is true to you and is honest in every way. It's just that everything is possible in this kind of situation. We can only bare in mind that any time is a good opportunity to let hold of someone's neck. We need to be very careful and be very cautious at all times. It's not safe to play games with strangers. You'll never know, he\she might grab you from behind and drag you all the way to nowhere.

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Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

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