March 28, 2009

my false phantasm

From the moment I saw you
I knew from there that you’re the one
But what can I do?
I am just a stranger
Everyday I think of you
Not a moment passed, still, you’re on my mind
My heart melts for you
My mind speaks of you
Dear me! I’m madly in-love
Because of you, I fly like a dove
Do you notice me?
I hope you do
I think I can never reach you
Somehow, I think it’s true
Oh! It’s getting late, really late
I have to go
I’ll see you later
I’ll see you in my dreams
I will… I will… I… will…

The Halo

“What a lovely day we’re having there sir!” Andrew Lopez said while giving the man a fresh bundle of news for the day.

“Oh yes indeed lad and a good day to you too.” Mr. Murray responded as the boy rode the street and passed by every house throwing rolled papers beneath the door.

“Why hello Andrew, you look dashing today!” an jubilant old woman shouted.

“Really? Gee, thanks Mrs. Coleman!” Andrew shouted back.

“Looking good shawty!” Chris said as he jogged passed Andrew.

“Yeah! Well, see ya later homy!” Andrew said.

“Coffee?” Mr. Judean shouted.

“No can do sir, got to deliver this all!” Andrew dismissed.

The morning breeze cooled the boy’s face as he rode along the streets of Mississippi. Streaks of light from the morning sun hit him softly in the cheeks, eyes and chest. The boy seemed happy and free from any unpleasant vibes. Alas! The last of the rolled newspapers was delivered and with an hour to spare for a cup of coffee and bread at the groove; a place where the boy usually gets his free meal from a friend who owns the restaurant.

Andrew was riding a bicycle fashioned with a basket in the front and a smudge of color blue stripes on the metal.

The streets was now beginning to fill up with cars and motorcycle going through the day’s daily routine. It’s going to get busy in no time.

As predicted, the road was packed with vehicles passing everywhere. Andrew rode smoothly but safely. As he moved forward he caught a glimpse of a halo icon printed on the glass of one of the stores he come to pass. He wondered why of all the pictures around the only thing he’d noticed was the yellow ringed icon.

“hmmm… what a beauty you are. So small yet very noticeable.” he said softly.

When suddenly, a truck was passing speedily right in front of him. He knew the truck did not notice him so he wheeled sideways and distractedly pressed on the break quickly. The bike bumped hastily on a moving car beside him. It budged his body hard that it made him flew meters away. He felt as if his divine and mortal body parted in mid air. Luckily he went straight into the pile of empty boxes on the other side of the street. He crashed. He stumbled. He fell.
He was disoriented to move but managed to get up slowly. As he did so, he looked around. To his surprise no one came to his aid but saw people rushing down to the place where an accident had just occurred. Curious, he went to it to see the fuss.

“Come on guys, there‘s a man hit by a car just over there.” a kid shouted.

“That poor man, the bleeding is serious they say.” said a girl from behind.

“Whoa! Thank God I only have bruises but that man, I hope his okay.” Andrew thought shaking abruptly.

He was now on the scene of the accident. Andrew saw his bike 10ft from him, disabled and wrecked. He did not bother fetching it; what’s more important to him now was the hit man. He heard people talk, scream, cried. He thought that may be this guy was very important or that he contributed so much to these people who mourns for him. He moved closer, as he stepped right in the tumultuous crowd to see the man he was shocked, stunned, petrified.
He thought for a while. Examined his body, head to toe. He was taken aback by what he had seen.
He fell on his knees. Head down, he clutched his pants. Tears started to fall from his eyes.
The rain poured.
Some of the people started to walk away from that place. He remained.

The air was cold, numbed, and heartbreaking. The rain did not stop.

The ambulance had just arrived. The medics picked up the body and went inside the vehicle. They passed through him…

Unseen… unnoticed.

my account

20 years and counting…

I’m still single.
I had relationships with men and women before.
But all were just mere jokes.
I never had a serious relationship with someone.
8 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, 30 days, a week, 3 days…
Yes, those were the months and days I had with a lover.
The horror. (sigh)
You know what’s the most painful part of being single?
I know you feel this too.
It’s when you are ready to love but still longing for someone who will comfort you at night, who will hug you, caress you and love you back.
How I wish this would soon come to an end.
Honestly, I am fed up of waiting.
But, I’m still hoping.
Though, I’m afraid of the consequences.
I am also guilty.
I am looking for you.
I hope you are searching for me also.
And, I hope we’ll see each other very soon.

March 8, 2009

Sweet Escape

The air was cool, calm and gentle. I was standing right next to a man whose body was firm and tender. I was naked and so was he. We huddled for a while and went to the place where we could see the ants; there were so many of them roaming around scattered and somewhat preoccupied at the moment. Mostly, ants would likely fall into queue and walk straight with each other in front and at the back. But these beings are far different from each other; taking courses at different angles and never thought of each other's sake. Buzzing, beeping and laughing, they are very noisy for a low- class community...

I could clearly see the moon shining brightly upon me. A music of melancholic tune was turned on. I turned around, he was there standing coolly, he was responsible for the beat. He reached for my hand, he kissed me and then he hugged me tenderly. His body pressed on mine, and mine to him. The warmth of our body chilled me. Our chest was in contact so evenly. I stared at his face. His expression was deep and sincere. A tear fell. We then moved to the edge of the square cemented grilled barricade. We hugged again, this time it was like gripping each other's comfort. In a minute, our heads was tilted down and the scene was pacing fast around us. Tears from our eyes fell upward. We then slept predicting that it would be our last eternity to live in reality. We accepted our fate...

"I LOVE YOU" were the words omitted by our destiny.

I woke up dozing. The light was so bright that it pierced right through my eye as I sat up. I saw him right beside me, smiling and still naked he kissed me. I responded back.

"how was your sleep?" he said.

"it was fine, I dreamt of you." I said smiling.

"really? what was it about?"

"it was about us, we survived."

"a... are we...?

"yes. yes, we are."

March 7, 2009

Three (3)

There are only three things i need in life:

LOVE to make me feel weak...

ALCOHOL to make me strong...


FRIENDS to pick me up when love and alcohol make me hit the floor.

- excerpt from a text message.


grrr!!! gabararakang lang ya mga requirements! arghhh! puga! daw mabuang ko!!!
weeehhhh! i hate this sem!