April 21, 2009


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April 20, 2009

I forgive but I don't forget

There comes a point in my life that i forgive magnanimously. Whole-heartedly I accept every fault even if I am wrong. Shameful as it is but it's for the better.
Unless, in some instances I do forgive but I don't forget. It is not a grudge nor a vengeance if I'm to take it on my own account if that is what you think. But if you could see the effect it will bring you then reconsidering is no option. After all, what has been done cannot be undone. You can move on actually but seeing the face of the culprit will just make you remember the nasty things he/she had done to you.

Bottom line: It's simple, really. Seeing your face won't make me forget those things you've done.

April 18, 2009

a teacher's nightmare

Last night, I was thinking of something. 'Twas about my profession. Well, being a teacher is great, being able to impart knowledge is a wondrous legacy. But, will I stay like this forever? Na magiging "LAON" ako as what they call? Makikita ko pa kaya ang true love ko if I am this one heck of a dedicated individual?
ugh! The thought of it just makes me wanna cry. Scary but true.
Most teachers end up teaching all the way through until their hair would turn white. I hope it won't happen to me also.
Yes, being a teacher is so cool. Once you're done with the lesson you have taught, when you step out of the classroom, the feeling is more than happiness. Gumagaan ang loob mo. Masarap ang feeling I bet you!
But until then, I am, and I mean I am going to get married on the right time.

April 12, 2009

My Rainbow and my Infinity Pool

"My entire life is a mirror of something good and bad. It's what I call balance. Although it surpasses all kinds of obstacle, sometimes, a bit of it overlaps and the system would be unequal. But then my life changed when I thought of something ironic yet remarkably beautiful and heart- warming. Upon seeing the other side of it, I knew I found the missing part of my puzzled life. So the balance is maintained..."

To my Family
My Friends
My English Family
My Lovers...

I found a rainbow. It's not any other rainbow that you could find elsewhere. Normally, a rainbow has limited colors. But mine, it has millions. Each color has different personality. Yes, it is very unique. Each is alive and vibrant in their own way, little or big. I love it so much for it brightens my way, myself, my life. Each made me laugh, happy, cry, angry, sad, hysterical, etc.
The rainbow, do you know why I have this kind of thing? It's because all of you are present there. You're the colors beneath my unstained soul. You are all there. A part of me.

I found a pool. It's the world's biggest and widest pool ever. I called the infinity pool.. Do you know who goes there? You, it's you again. All of you. No matter how many you are regardless of your sizes, everyone is fit to swim in my pool. It holds no bar. Endless. Boundless. My love for all of you will never cease. It is endless, pointless, bottomless.

See how my imagination run?
I bet you also have one, or two, or more.
I know you do. So share it. I want to hear from you.

This... is for you.

April 3, 2009

Puta ka!

PUTA ka! my mom said to me repeatedly. Every time we quarrel there's always a bad tag after her dialogue. The most famous of all, PUTA.
Man! I'm so fed up with it so much! It's like everything I do Isn't good enough for her, she doesn't even care at all.
Sometimes, I would just cry the whole thing in my room, get a piece of cigarette and ponder on and on, and on...
My life sucks!
And I'm living with ISADORA, the horror.
And you know what, I think I am close to breaking my sanity. It takes a lot of something sad for you to make me cry.
I couldn't cry at the least moment and when that happens, everything will go straight to my heart and head.
I go nuts of that feeling.
Makes me wanna shout, cry out loud, and curse on something.
Crazy! Er?
Yes, that's me. my life.
Sad, isn't it?
The worst part is, when I'm on the right track to defend myself, I can't riposte on her because she won't let me. The thing is, for her, you're wrong when you know that you are right and really wrong if you're not right. (sigh)
The pain!

It's not only this that makes my life so miserable.
There's so much to write about me.
For now, eto lang muna.