April 18, 2009

a teacher's nightmare

Last night, I was thinking of something. 'Twas about my profession. Well, being a teacher is great, being able to impart knowledge is a wondrous legacy. But, will I stay like this forever? Na magiging "LAON" ako as what they call? Makikita ko pa kaya ang true love ko if I am this one heck of a dedicated individual?
ugh! The thought of it just makes me wanna cry. Scary but true.
Most teachers end up teaching all the way through until their hair would turn white. I hope it won't happen to me also.
Yes, being a teacher is so cool. Once you're done with the lesson you have taught, when you step out of the classroom, the feeling is more than happiness. Gumagaan ang loob mo. Masarap ang feeling I bet you!
But until then, I am, and I mean I am going to get married on the right time.


:: cb :: said...

hahaha i can relate. BSE ako noon eh. i think if it's meant to happen, it's going to happen..

carl uno said...

to cb:

hmmm... may be.
you can never be too sure, ayt? hahaha!
life is so unpredictable.