April 3, 2009

Puta ka!

PUTA ka! my mom said to me repeatedly. Every time we quarrel there's always a bad tag after her dialogue. The most famous of all, PUTA.
Man! I'm so fed up with it so much! It's like everything I do Isn't good enough for her, she doesn't even care at all.
Sometimes, I would just cry the whole thing in my room, get a piece of cigarette and ponder on and on, and on...
My life sucks!
And I'm living with ISADORA, the horror.
And you know what, I think I am close to breaking my sanity. It takes a lot of something sad for you to make me cry.
I couldn't cry at the least moment and when that happens, everything will go straight to my heart and head.
I go nuts of that feeling.
Makes me wanna shout, cry out loud, and curse on something.
Crazy! Er?
Yes, that's me. my life.
Sad, isn't it?
The worst part is, when I'm on the right track to defend myself, I can't riposte on her because she won't let me. The thing is, for her, you're wrong when you know that you are right and really wrong if you're not right. (sigh)
The pain!

It's not only this that makes my life so miserable.
There's so much to write about me.
For now, eto lang muna.


Lyka Bergen said...

That's harsh! I hope you're fine!

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

most of the time, the strongest person in the world are the ones who are given so much pain and suffering...why? because they are the only ones who are able to courageously solve and handle them! and that;s us...if there were a tiny problem given to us, it would just bore us...no challenge...hahahaha...

we are stronger that average that is why we are experiencing abnormal and extreme hardships in life.......

carl uno said...


your reaction are a bit too high, i mean, this article is based on my own feeling.its not abnormal! true, ginaganito ako always but its perfectly normal. all hardships are extremely normal unless you can't solve them then yourself must be the problem.
anyways, thank you.

carl uno said...


yeah. it happens to me everytime. but i guess im already immune at it. i just freak out everytime it happens. hmmm. thanks