March 28, 2009

my false phantasm

From the moment I saw you
I knew from there that you’re the one
But what can I do?
I am just a stranger
Everyday I think of you
Not a moment passed, still, you’re on my mind
My heart melts for you
My mind speaks of you
Dear me! I’m madly in-love
Because of you, I fly like a dove
Do you notice me?
I hope you do
I think I can never reach you
Somehow, I think it’s true
Oh! It’s getting late, really late
I have to go
I’ll see you later
I’ll see you in my dreams
I will… I will… I… will…


remo said...

i'll see you later. in my dreams.. i will.


Anonymous said...

pretty sweet poem you've got there!!!

yeah, i've been busy with work... hasn't blog that much, hope all is well with you!

have a great week..


carl uno said...


tnx. nice dick! lol...
tc bro

carl uno said...


yep, everything is fine. all is well. how bout you?
and oh, tnx.

ingat po.

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

ok...that was nice...but didnt really get me...hahahaha...

u stil got to work with your poetry...

but i experience that situation before ...when i was in highschool...i hated the feeling!

take care,............

carl uno said...


tseh! hmp... that's the way how i write my poem dear. just like every other authors. you need to dig deeper. nonetheless, thank you kinjie.

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

hey! call me kmlc or kiyuki or kiyuki meili chizuko here! hahahahaha....i dunno but your short stories seem to get me better...


kiraSue said...

nice poem.. I like your style.. not the very conventional type..