December 30, 2008

Rise of My Flock

I don't have any problem with them actually. In fact, I'm gay and I'm happy to know that they revealed their self being gay and all that. Philippines is soon to be the GAY capital of this world, hopefully not! the problem is, most gays prefer to be bisexuals but bisexual men stay as what they are. I hope that these gays would rather show the real deal of their self than to pretend.
Long live my precious!!!

December 26, 2008

Hair Faux Pa?

Look at me, my head is so shiny like a crystal ball shimmering under a light... (laughs)

Surprised? well, I'm not. This look is much better than before when I only had few hair on my head; my scalp, visibly seen amidst the clear and annoying array of my hair was so distracting.

Do I look like Boy Abunda? NOT! True, the complexion of my skin does matches his but I'm way too handsome to be compared. Oh! what about Lex Luther from Small ville? DEFINITELY! Regardless of our skin color, we do look alike. I'm handsome, his handsome, we are both pretty!

A friend claimed that I was a man of updates; in short, seasonal. The Autumn season was the most obvious, my hair started to fall badly that every day the irony of seeing 100 strands of hair falling was very stressful and not to mention a dreadful shock of shame. Winter shaved my hair yesterday and from the look of it the field was as clear as snow. Very evident that I no longer have hair. (sigh)

What a shock! haha! At least I don't have that kind of distorted shape for a skull.

I know it's funny to see my new do. Yet, I'm still beautiful even without embellishments. I'd rather prefer this bald statement than to go out with my previous hair looking like an old man with a terrible mane to post. For the record, this look is just temporary. My hair will grow soon, you'll see.


December 9, 2008

Knotted Hope

From the start, I already knew
That things will go smoothly and through
No matter how bitter it'll be
I will stay focus and relax as to forever free

Hardships in life may appear
Trials that come will surely disappear
Though little my strength is
but my powering endurance will never cease

I am vulnerable at heart
Feelings i have soar high above
And when laughter paints a thousand art
A gust of joy fills my soul with endless love.

- Francis Carl

It's Time to Wait

I have this kindling feeling all over me. I may not understand what this feeling means but I already have an idea that it is of good omen.

Days come and go, still I am in search of a love, a true love that is really meant for me. Though hard and nerve- breaking it may seem to wait but I know it's going to be worth it in the end.

When the time comes, my long wish of waiting in vain will all be over. I just hope that it will last for a lifetime. Nevertheless, I know that you're just out there waiting. We'll get there and when we do, I know that life is going to be beautiful.

The Pros and Cons of Self Destruction

Have you ever come to a point in your life that you want to die right away? or argue with your thought as to find the solution in every problem? well, i do. It's not a matter of quick thinking really. We have all the time to reflect, to see things in perspective. But are we sure of what we're thinking then?

There are a lot of interference in our life. Our self, a manifestation of light and darkness in the midst of every stroke we make in this mysterious world. Yes, it's really tough staying at a point where the least to expect is not an assurance in our will to accommodate. However, there are people who by mistake interprets their life as unknown or not fixed. These people are those who can hear but does not listen. Those who can see but never sees the real deal of it. Those who can speak but does not know how. Confusion is a game not to be tampered with, it's in our mind actually. Perhaps it is up to us and our will to create such notions of impending truth. Now, what is really in us that makes us formidable in every situation we are getting into?

We are what we are and we have our self to rely on. If we could just convince our self to see truth, then by all means the destruction is yet to come. In contrast, if we regard our self to the level of insanity and without intensive conformation, then consequences will rise and may provoke us to kill our self- being.

The pros and cons of self destruction are but a halfway nuisance in our life. It is not much of a choice but a conspiracy lay visible underneath our survival.