December 9, 2008

It's Time to Wait

I have this kindling feeling all over me. I may not understand what this feeling means but I already have an idea that it is of good omen.

Days come and go, still I am in search of a love, a true love that is really meant for me. Though hard and nerve- breaking it may seem to wait but I know it's going to be worth it in the end.

When the time comes, my long wish of waiting in vain will all be over. I just hope that it will last for a lifetime. Nevertheless, I know that you're just out there waiting. We'll get there and when we do, I know that life is going to be beautiful.


Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

you are so strong in your belief that you'll definitely find someone to love and love you in return...thats so touching....woww....And you are willing to wait...just don't wallow yourself too much in waiting...there's a big world out there!! Dont think of it too much, you'll attract love, just be happy and loving to everone and everythin! hahahahaha

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

Ohh...and beautiful images...hahaahha