December 9, 2008

Knotted Hope

From the start, I already knew
That things will go smoothly and through
No matter how bitter it'll be
I will stay focus and relax as to forever free

Hardships in life may appear
Trials that come will surely disappear
Though little my strength is
but my powering endurance will never cease

I am vulnerable at heart
Feelings i have soar high above
And when laughter paints a thousand art
A gust of joy fills my soul with endless love.

- Francis Carl


bimz said...

halu dear.,nice blog huh!.,u got it.,sori dont much tym to make chika2 especially if ur sa house.,hekhekhek., merry xmas and hapi new year.,

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

hehehe....owkie...nice...i just dont reaslly ret the idea...

chill said...

pareha gid ta... hehehe. Paningkamot anay...