September 25, 2008

The Thorn In My Sleeve

"The good of every desire is not to be tampered with one that has such a black pitiful soul."

Yes, she is the flaw in every account that i have. I didn't know that she was lurking around the bush unnoticed. She was all smile at first, good and hardly traceable. So hard to believe that she peeled off right before and behind me, not knowing that in her hand, that dagger she holds, so sharp and sleek, was about to be plunged right through my heart.

Regardless of what she attained, still, she's one hell of a thorn in my sleeve! If only she had think that what she's done was of great evil.

It has been 8 months or so. I'm still troubled of those hoax she made. Man! she made me look stupid in the eyes of our relatives as if i am this malevolent in nature. I couldn't help but think what her purpose was. "It's for your own good," Kristin Val said. How can it help me if those people whom you gossip with only shows affectionate compassion? tsk, tsk, tsk!

Poor you, why are you doing this? Do you have a grudge on me? Don't you know that the more you will keep on doing this, the more i will think that your a lousy good for nothing conniving snake?! I pity your soul, you're just another foul play to our kind.

To all of us, beware and be alert of a person whom you know is good, especially if that person is a blood relative of yours. She's maybe in disguise but don't fool yourself of what she might do. Remember that a beast will always be a beast no matter how good she cleans up her act, the stain will still remain and will never fade.

September 23, 2008

La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful)

I think the most meaningful films to watch are those of small European movies that allow us to get involved with a single person or family in their town or village and let us observe up close the impact of evil on people we have come to genuinely care about.
Life is Beautiful, an Italian movie, written, directed by and starring Roberto Benigni, is a movie blended with a bit of comedy and wrenching sorrow resulting from the deportation of Jews from the concentration camps.

This movie is divided into two main parts, the first featuring the charming, romantic buffoonery of Guido Orefice, who has come to work as a waiter in his uncle's fancy hotel. In this first part of the movie, the music and the tune of every scene seem to be going in accordance to the settings, making it more carefree and vibrant as Guido's joke scenes coincide with the music. The lighting is in its full peak as though every scene is filled with laughter and joy.

Guido Orefice, a seemingly intelligent man is a character full of jokes and silly doings such as stealing other guy's hats, and later pretended to be an inspector of a school while dressed only in his underwear. He sets his romantic sights on the pretty school teacher Dora, a beautiful and gentle woman of a local upper crust. Guido saves Dora from her rude and loud fiance.

After all of the funny romantic stuff, the music and the mood changed into somewhat heavy falls of rain and strong beat of drums. The film then jumps ahead five years or so, assuming their marriage with the appearance of a young son named Joshua, an adorable little kid who's innocence gave him the protection he ever needed. By the time the Nazis, brutal and cruel soldiers, occupied the town and begun to harass Jews, including posting signs on non- Jewish shops saying "no Jews or dogs allowed." The little boy wonders and so, Guido invents a false answer and thus begins a pattern of creative deception to shield the child from the ugly reality.

The second part of the movie started on the day of Joshua's birthday party, Guido and the boy were taken off by the Nazis along with all the Jews of the town. The confused little boy then asked queries from his dad, Guido answers by pretending the entire thing is a game and the goal is to follow papa's rules and win points. It worked, the boy liked the game.

The film then shifted the whole story to the little boy's point of view when Guido and the boy entered the concentration camp. The thing was that it's all just a game and by playing on papa's rule, the boy will win points and a genuine tank.

The daily life and death game continues as Guido performs as a slave labor while his son hides out in the men's barracks while somehow learning that kids are being "cooked" in ovens in the camp.

The day arrived when soldiers here and there scattering everywhere, killing inmates to lessen the number of burden and abandon the place with the evacuees. That day was the end of the game, Joshua hid in a box where his father put him and Guido died when one of the soldiers escorted him and then shot him in an attempt to escape.

The film is a violence free movie and has enough light comedy to keep the children interested when watching this film. It also provides a meaningful dramatic experience. The film projects that the love and sacrifice of a father for a son makes "life is beautiful" worthwhile. Thus, strongly suggest this saying "protect what is beautiful from them."

Happiness, Sadness, and the Storm

Happiness, a vivid state of delight were one person feels every time he accomplishes something whether good or bad. When i am happy, i sometimes jump and scream at the top of my lungs. I can't even explain the emotion why I am overjoyed, feeling carefree. It seems like riding on a cloud and all the burden just fades away. A feeling of satisfaction, calm storm, a remedy to pain, a light to the heart. Happiness erases worry, changing it to joy, lighting up gloomy days, each face a glimpse of heaven.
In contrast, sadness is a storm, leaving nothing, destroying everything, inescapable. Providing false hope that hinders life, a pain too much to bear.

Thunders, lightnings, strong wind and droplets of rain stormed the boy's mind. He came back home after school. In his room, he tried to think what was causing him from doubting what his personality is. He never felt so troubled until later that afternoon where he saw a guy just about his age, so manly, the body was well built. The face kept haunting him as if the man wanted to eat the boy. He was never sure then of whom he saw, for him it was all blurry. He then fetch a glass of water and suddenly a knock on the door jolted him. He opened the door slowly and just as he's about to say something, his face shocked with delight and amusement. The man he saw that afternoon was standing right before him and the next thing he knew, the man hugged him like a gift wrapper, so tight that he screamed with joy. It was actually his long lost friend from their hometown which he never recognized for a long time.

September 17, 2008

Tinalak Festival

Whenever there's a festival, everyone is excited to go strolling, eat whatever they could along the street in every food stand and everyone is eager to see beautiful sights, lantern display and bands playing in some area. Everywhere is decorated capturing everybody's attention.

T'nalak Festival is a one of a kind festivity celebrated every 11th to 18th of July, T'nalak reigns to be luxurious. the celebration provides different events everyday and night. poeple all around the vicinity of Marbel come and go. Alunan Avenue, infultrated with diffferent faces filled up as the night goes. People push and pull every person they encounter just to get through. Never was it foretold that this year's T'nalak festival was going to be this overcrowded.

Nonetheless, the fireworks did it all, it ease everyone's sweat and rushed feelings. Like a flower enjoying a cold night zypher.

September 10, 2008

Betrayed Over Non- Factual Remedy

"Anything may be betrayed, anyone may be forgiven, but not those who lack the courage of their own greatness."- Ayn Rand

Betrayal is a thing that can really cut you deep. Until now, I feel so upset that a blood relative of mine crushed my whole dignity as if i was a criminal of some kind. It really saddens me and got the inside pit of me, my ego, to revolt and have revenge!

The whole thing was nothing really, It was res
olved long before she graduated from college. She started the war when she went to Luzon to visit our relatives in Nueva Ecija. Sources told me that she was telling all sorts of cock and bull stories about me when i was still in Davao. She started the gossip from person to person until one of my sources found out from a relative that she has been talking about it since yesterday. It was a shock for me when my sources told me all about it. I was going nuts and ready to strike back and give her the hell out of me!

I really don't know the reason why she has done such a thing that would wreck my dignity and personality to our clan. After all we've been through, and now this? oh my, it's like she's trying to suck confidence and trust out from our family. She did
not even took noticed of what would i have felt. It's a shame though, trying to compete over nothing? tsk tsk! oh! She betrayed me alright! She ruined the trust i have for her. Tsk, tsk, not to mention that she's my cousin, a part of my blood. The BAD BLOOD to her dad, her siblings... in my body, soul and in my name, VICENCIO.

Years may pass, but i don't think forgiveness will do. Although I am open about it, still, the horror will stay and will get stuck in my mind for eternity. The whole thing changed me and it made a mark on myself. A mark that will never be erased even time cannot heal. I also presumed that she is guilty of what she's done, she can't come to me straight, she's just ignoring every cite of my face. I think she's afraid that i 'm going to hit her. I think she's afraid to confess. And for the record, all of us know what your personality is like and none in our family likes you for that attitude!!!

KRISTIN VAL DEMOCRITO VICENCIO... please try to act your age. You're giving me problems, low and very reasonable, not to mention RESOLVED problems! You may have stepped on me but I will rise and i will get you for good! You'd better shape up 'cause no one in our family liked the way you're treating us. Be aware of who you are dealing with, fcuk!