September 23, 2008

Happiness, Sadness, and the Storm

Happiness, a vivid state of delight were one person feels every time he accomplishes something whether good or bad. When i am happy, i sometimes jump and scream at the top of my lungs. I can't even explain the emotion why I am overjoyed, feeling carefree. It seems like riding on a cloud and all the burden just fades away. A feeling of satisfaction, calm storm, a remedy to pain, a light to the heart. Happiness erases worry, changing it to joy, lighting up gloomy days, each face a glimpse of heaven.
In contrast, sadness is a storm, leaving nothing, destroying everything, inescapable. Providing false hope that hinders life, a pain too much to bear.

Thunders, lightnings, strong wind and droplets of rain stormed the boy's mind. He came back home after school. In his room, he tried to think what was causing him from doubting what his personality is. He never felt so troubled until later that afternoon where he saw a guy just about his age, so manly, the body was well built. The face kept haunting him as if the man wanted to eat the boy. He was never sure then of whom he saw, for him it was all blurry. He then fetch a glass of water and suddenly a knock on the door jolted him. He opened the door slowly and just as he's about to say something, his face shocked with delight and amusement. The man he saw that afternoon was standing right before him and the next thing he knew, the man hugged him like a gift wrapper, so tight that he screamed with joy. It was actually his long lost friend from their hometown which he never recognized for a long time.

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