September 17, 2008

Tinalak Festival

Whenever there's a festival, everyone is excited to go strolling, eat whatever they could along the street in every food stand and everyone is eager to see beautiful sights, lantern display and bands playing in some area. Everywhere is decorated capturing everybody's attention.

T'nalak Festival is a one of a kind festivity celebrated every 11th to 18th of July, T'nalak reigns to be luxurious. the celebration provides different events everyday and night. poeple all around the vicinity of Marbel come and go. Alunan Avenue, infultrated with diffferent faces filled up as the night goes. People push and pull every person they encounter just to get through. Never was it foretold that this year's T'nalak festival was going to be this overcrowded.

Nonetheless, the fireworks did it all, it ease everyone's sweat and rushed feelings. Like a flower enjoying a cold night zypher.

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