March 8, 2009

Sweet Escape

The air was cool, calm and gentle. I was standing right next to a man whose body was firm and tender. I was naked and so was he. We huddled for a while and went to the place where we could see the ants; there were so many of them roaming around scattered and somewhat preoccupied at the moment. Mostly, ants would likely fall into queue and walk straight with each other in front and at the back. But these beings are far different from each other; taking courses at different angles and never thought of each other's sake. Buzzing, beeping and laughing, they are very noisy for a low- class community...

I could clearly see the moon shining brightly upon me. A music of melancholic tune was turned on. I turned around, he was there standing coolly, he was responsible for the beat. He reached for my hand, he kissed me and then he hugged me tenderly. His body pressed on mine, and mine to him. The warmth of our body chilled me. Our chest was in contact so evenly. I stared at his face. His expression was deep and sincere. A tear fell. We then moved to the edge of the square cemented grilled barricade. We hugged again, this time it was like gripping each other's comfort. In a minute, our heads was tilted down and the scene was pacing fast around us. Tears from our eyes fell upward. We then slept predicting that it would be our last eternity to live in reality. We accepted our fate...

"I LOVE YOU" were the words omitted by our destiny.

I woke up dozing. The light was so bright that it pierced right through my eye as I sat up. I saw him right beside me, smiling and still naked he kissed me. I responded back.

"how was your sleep?" he said.

"it was fine, I dreamt of you." I said smiling.

"really? what was it about?"

"it was about us, we survived."

"a... are we...?

"yes. yes, we are."


Anonymous said...

ang tameeeessssss..

galing mo magsulat.napadaan lang

carl uno said...

hey flamindevil... thanks for dropping by. like your blog too. xlink?