April 12, 2009

My Rainbow and my Infinity Pool

"My entire life is a mirror of something good and bad. It's what I call balance. Although it surpasses all kinds of obstacle, sometimes, a bit of it overlaps and the system would be unequal. But then my life changed when I thought of something ironic yet remarkably beautiful and heart- warming. Upon seeing the other side of it, I knew I found the missing part of my puzzled life. So the balance is maintained..."

To my Family
My Friends
My English Family
My Lovers...

I found a rainbow. It's not any other rainbow that you could find elsewhere. Normally, a rainbow has limited colors. But mine, it has millions. Each color has different personality. Yes, it is very unique. Each is alive and vibrant in their own way, little or big. I love it so much for it brightens my way, myself, my life. Each made me laugh, happy, cry, angry, sad, hysterical, etc.
The rainbow, do you know why I have this kind of thing? It's because all of you are present there. You're the colors beneath my unstained soul. You are all there. A part of me.

I found a pool. It's the world's biggest and widest pool ever. I called the infinity pool.. Do you know who goes there? You, it's you again. All of you. No matter how many you are regardless of your sizes, everyone is fit to swim in my pool. It holds no bar. Endless. Boundless. My love for all of you will never cease. It is endless, pointless, bottomless.

See how my imagination run?
I bet you also have one, or two, or more.
I know you do. So share it. I want to hear from you.

This... is for you.


Sancha of Aragon said...

AMAZING!!! That's all that i can say..you know what??? im always telling myself...i hope someday i could write something that comes from the depth of my heart but it seems that my fingers are shaking whenever i hold a pen...and the worst...i find it hard looking for the exact words to describe my feelings...you have a gift in writing and expressing your thoughts and feelings...a gift that is worthy to thank for...keep the faith in writing!!! It maybe your talent...or a skill...but its more of being "YOU"

carl uno said...


hey, thanks gurl. but you know what your thoughts are also clear if you just put it into motion. and there's nothing wrong about writing, don't be afraid to make mistakes, take risks deary. remember, there's no harm in trying and an AUTHOR's word is GOD just like "WORD IS GOD".
so, be up and doing. just let your imagination flow.

thanks sancha of aragon.

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

ahhh...so beautiful!! wow, what color could i be in your rainbow?? hahahaha...its a wonderful idea to have an infinity pool for us, thank you!!! we'll really enjoy swimming there! hhehehe...\

too bad, I only have a pond...hehehe...but im sure you'll all fit there, coz you guys are tadpoles in my life! so cute and tiny, but so wiggly and lively! hahahaha...you create foams in my pond, and I feel cushioned by your love, care, and support....thankz for being one of the crazy tadpoles in my pond of life!

carl uno said...


yeah! thanks gurl... that's what i treasure the most! love you guyz!
whoa! tadpoles? hope we won't turn into ugly frogs. haha! nice!

kiraSue said...

upon reading your post , I shed tears...

hehehe.. OA noh??..

I hope i do have my own color in your unique RAINBOW...

the way you write is vrey natural. the flow is continuous.. i like it

continue expressing your thoughts the way you do.. I know you'll be a very unique artist(writer) in a very near future.. .