May 3, 2009


the time did not come
all things went into oblivion...
so, i wondered

... what would it take for me to go and save you?
would it mean that SACRIFICE is a must for me?
do i have a choice?

i do, i do have a choice
a choice only i can manage to take...

This drawing that I made was for my self. I was in distress that time. I was caught between choices that blocked my freedom to choose what I wanted to do. I was never ready. So I hid my self far from redemption... I hope I can find my way out in the oblivion.


<*period*> said... the poem and the drawing..reminds me of my student publication days...

and btw, nakuha mo yung tamang emosyon para ipahiwatig sa mambabasa ang iyong nararamdam

may kirot pero hindi mabigat sa mga mambabasa

carl uno said...

to you:

hey... thanks for the comment, i really appreciate it.
yeah, napakalungkot nga eh. i was so depressed that time kaya nka drawing ako ng ganito. haay, the wonders of our thoughts nga naman noh?

take care