July 28, 2009

BAR 183

I was on the roof staring blankly at the vast place of my neighbor, thinking of nothing but happy moments of my life. . .

It was that Saturday night of November 2008 when I was having fun.
I was at the bar with my friends.
We were all taking the good time away from work, an all-boys night out.
The bar was jam-packed with good looking personalities, drinking and dancing.
Even my friends were a little bit busy too having conversations with one another.
Damn! I was having fun just by listening to their funny stories.
I stood up from my seat and roamed around the place hoping to find someone I know.
I was already 4 tables away from were I left when a roaming waiter, carrying a plate with glasses of wine passed by me.
I signaled for him and took one glass of the bloody red wine.
I made a sip and went to a nearby ledge table to sit and smoke.
I was about to light my cigarette when YOU pulled me by the hand and dragged me all the way to the dance floor.
I was shocked.
I haven't the slightest idea of who you were yet so I just let myself go with the flow, YOUR flow.
While dancing, I just couldn't help but think in confusion of who the hell am I dancing with!
YOU kept on staring at me, at my whole face!
YOU smiled and suddenly stopped dancing.
YOU leaned on me, kissed me on my cheeks and uttered a jaw-dropping revelation.
"your fly is open"
It was shocking indeed.
I rushed right away going to the balcony.
I was laughing out loud when I zipped my pants.
Giggling, I reached for another cigar in my pocket and lighted it.
Suddenly, YOU turned up placing a hand on my waist,
I smiled.
YOU threw my cigarette away and seriously looked at me.
YOU cupped my face and gently kissed my lips.
And oh! we were doing the french kiss.
A moment had passed, we stared at each other.
We hugged and said this both,
"glad to have met you"

. . . (deep sigh). . . The thought of coming back is hurtful. Memories are forever but this one is too much to bear. Tears started to fall when I saw two figures making out by the window of my neighbor's house. One of them was small and very muscular but the other, he was tall, well-built, and, and. . .OH MY GOD! I was pain-stricken by whom I saw that I covered my mouth out of shock. It was like some pointed thing pierced my body right through the heart and made me ache so bad that I could not breathe the least. My tears begun to fall heavily. I wanted to yell but I couldn't. I wanted to jump on that roof but I couldn't. I wanted to scream but I still couldn't. Was I not enough?! That you have to find another just for that?!. . .
after a moment of cries and sobs, I fell silent. Blank, empty, I just sat there, still as a rock. I just uttered,
"I will never waste my pearls again."