February 1, 2010

There's No Place Like Us

he sailed through many squalls,
weakness and fear were his pessimist's trials
he was given the world, so much that he couldn't see
how beautiful his life could be
and as he chased the day at world's end,
he never saw the fate that could make his heart mend
he tried to survive
to out-stand the mockery he revived
still. . he was crashed, defied, humiliated!

ashamed. .
ashamed. . .

at a lonely coast
someone was struggling across
he was completely lost
dead air made him to frost
carried by false truth kept him going
where can he find truth?
in a place full of goth
I hope he'll fought
to the very end of his trot
disguised as incredible hulk
the man was a fiery bulk
sexy, stunning, manly...
the only butterfly tamed of noble phantasm
he was,

ashamed. .
ashamed. . .

when two worlds collide
across the shameful sides
doubted by a fearing pride
comes the troubled hearts
weeping, sobbing, crying...
willing to forget shame
longing to get back in the game
let us not pretend
because this is not our end
together we will fight
now that we know we're right
we seek to find justice
but justice is us
we have found our selves
we are what we are,
and nothing again will keep us afar
to repeat the mistakes we have caused so far
for we survived the pass
"there's no place like us."


Anonymous said...

did you draw that? if so, you did well :) belated, and i mean be-LATED happy new year! hee hee...

have a great weekend :)


karl said...

hey... yep, it's my work. i love to sketch. and thank you!=)