February 19, 2010


they were my treasures..
oh yes they were.
but something flickered..
i know what it was.
oh how horrible it was..
the bond broke.
the THING and the OTHER THING parted..
they made choices.
all was in favor of the THING..
OTHER THING was put to exile.
the THING was more weighed than the OTHER THING.
how unjustifiable..
the THING was more preferred.
so, they were in favor of the THING.. more in favor.
why?? asked the OTHER THING..
no one answered.. poor OTHER THING.
maybe THING was the phenomena of the whole group..
that's why the group were on THING's side..
it's not my fault, it's not my fault.. cried OTHER THING.
why stand on THING's side when in fact, THING was very much obvious of being irritated to OTHER THING's cries that THING, started to ignore OTHER THING's presence..
yes.. yes.. yes..
i was then ignored by the group.
sad, isn't it?
tsk, tsk, tsk..

*for them, i am a disease..
they sprayed my existence with cleaning fumes..
i'll be back.. back.. back..


justine said...

ow :|..
very sorry for that sir...my friends already told me about how i grin and glance at our teachers but honestly i don't REALLY have anything in mind..just ignore me..haha...anyways you're a great "practice" teacher...HAIL you!!

AngelaLaLa14 said...

gooood evening sir Francis. :)
well, i was just blogging when i thought of dropping by your blog.
don't forget II-Venus. OK? i know we're sometimes hard but maybe we're just too eager to learn more.
it's also in the nature of students to pick on their practice teachers. haha. it was difficult for us too, you know. i mean, it is true! you are so far the BEST. :)
take care sir.. best of luck^^

Anonymous said...

hi sir! sup?hehehe.

karl_185@yahoo.com said...

@ justin: hey kiddo! ehe! that's fine. ganyan din ako dati. yeah! always ko nga manotice yang grin mo and how you smile... hahaha! kinabahan tuloy ako.. lol! anyhoo, i miss your classmates. you are all too advance.. yeah! keep that up!

karl said...

@ angela: hey angela, how are you? your classmates? ok lang 2 ga ah.. i've been through that too. do your best always! godbless you too deary..

karl said...

@ anonymous: hey there anonymous... im fine dude! you? hehe!

justine said...

i promise i'll try to be MORE pleasing...so, worry no more..and btw, i know you'll be a great teacher in the near future..promise i'll keep my fingers crossed...

Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

what? is this thing about the thing we all now? Come on....there's no ignoring thing going on....come on, everybody feels the same as you! me, farn, and everyone else! it's just time..it's nobody's fault...if we're all diseases, anyway, we're all also the cure...none can be without the other....let's keep things (friendship) going! better....:)