October 18, 2008

Self- Reliance

Believing in yourself is what really counts. Most people don't know about this. By believing that you yourself can make it, there's no doubt that one can grasp the fulfillment of every craving. Let us console ourselves for every thing that we do is a product of our own sweat and hard work. Anything is possible if we just surrender to our own simple appraisal.

Self- reliance is the valuing of one's worth and capabilities. It is said in the text that "discontent is the want of self- reliance" which is to do more and don't mind what others might say or think.
Being able to do everything in our own desire is already a fulfillment. When we put our work in our heart, we accept whatever mistakes we do and we are open for any changes. Thus, by trusting thyself, the deliverance of our effort is in our hands to critic.
We based our potentials to our capability of producing outcomes which we think is good enough, but even if the output is a waste, still, we should appreciate every bit of art we make.
Sure enough that envy is there lurking upon our midst but never should we imitate to correct our errors because every piece is a work of art no matter how trash- looking it may seem.
Our intention to rely resides on the spontaneous impression of our well- being. It is in the very fabric of our thought that by doing something in our own accord reduces the feeling of anxiety. Therefore, it is in our own conviction not to withdraw but pursue what we think is worth striving for. Never mind what others will say for they doesn't know what perfection is like.
We rely on our self because we trust our self; our self confidence empowers us to defy the odds, thus giving our attitude a boost to discover the vastness of the unknown.

The majestic flow of our will power is the mainstream of our diction. Self- reliance is just another alarm to awaken our mind and that we need not to conform others because our mind speaks the truth. The reason for all of this is that we want to discover more of our nature, manner, and action. It is also to redeem our weakness and strength as we follow our own path. Moreover, Self- reliance defines our character differently.

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