October 31, 2008

So Close

October 20, 2008. That night, I was asked by my mom to deliver a piece of fish and a pack of sausages for my dad so that he'll have dinner to eat for the night.

My dad, you see, he's now living in our farm lot. I don't know the reason why he preferred to live in a place so far from us. He's a very stubborn old man that's for sure.

I used our motorcycle for transport that evening. Of course, I do know a little about driving. It's really fun and cool when you know how to drive a motorcycle or a car you know. Once you get the hang of it, it'll be just a piece of cake. As for me, adrenaline rush got the better of me. I was totally nervous even at starting the engine. So, I drove off safely, easily and smoothly.
I arrived at dad's place and parked the motorcycle on the left side of the road. There parked a truck that was blocking the way in to his little hub. The vehicle was loaded with sacks of rice ready for delivery at a rice mill.

The workers were so busy loading the truck with sacks of rice so I went directly to the house and gave the food to my dad. After doing so, I then left and headed towards the motorcycle. At first I was bothered as to where am i going to move the motorcycle. I was so confused if whether I should turn the motorcycle back or just go straight forward, but I thought hesitantly so I started the engine and moved sideways to the right. I was also aware that I am not used in turning the motorcycle at the right but I hesitated and squeezed the handle carefully. Due to my nervousness, things got fast and I know for the fact that I am somewhat losing control. Then it got me, the vehicle went toward the irrigation canal. I didn't know what to do until I felt a force pushing me to jump; I squeezed the hand break but it didn't work, so I immediately threw myself and jumped. Luckily, I was able to balance my body and stood up straight. My left foot was aching but I did not show any reaction. My aunt and my dad came to the spot where I was so close to hurting myself. They were so angry and worried of what happened but I was too shocked to ease myself at the time being.

The motorcycle fell into the canal; my dad together with some workers helped in getting the vehicle out from the canal pit. I was trembling with fear and shock then i came to think how I manage to survived the accident. It happened so fast that I wasn't able to recall the event. I was so thankful that nothing bad happened to me. I thank God for that force that triggered me to jump for my life, It was then that I realized that our time being is only for the mean time and that we must be careful in everything we do. This was the very first time that it happened to me and I am thanking God for the guidance and protection he has for me.

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