October 9, 2008

WHAT IF. . .

As i was in deep thought of wondering beyond myself, my mind and body, i came to imagine things from which i would say what if...

What if i was never born, will i be able to see the magnificent extravagance of planet earth?

What if i have no name, will be able to hear someone say Francis?

What if i ave no family, will i reach this kind of life i have right now?

What if I'm not studying, will i be able to write all of these?

What if i continued to study nursing, would i have known better my career?

What if i will be an astronaut, will i be able to teach children the wisdom i possess?

What if i won the lottery?

What if I'm a multi- billionaire, will i spend my money on greater things?

What if i own a very fancy restaurant, a cafe, or a resort, but will these leisure's add to my satisfaction?

What if I'm an actor, will i be able to grab shinning shimmering trophies?

What if my name is on the walk of fame in Hollywood, will Julia Roberts step on it?

What if i have a time machine, will i go back time to change the ways i incurred?

What if i have supernatural powers, will i be able to do unimaginable things?

What if... what if I'm a girl, will i be stuck like this forever?

What if I'm wearing a bra tonight, will my boobs boost?

What if i die right now, will my love ones mourn of their loss?

What if my father was not a soldier, will i live a life of harmony?

What if i know all of the martial arts, am i going to challenge Jackie Chan and Jet Li?

What if i can fly, will i chase the airplanes, the Philippine Airlines?

What if there's a flood, will i swim to ease the tension coming out from me?

What if i never met that person, will i be this mature to go on my own way?

What if we never met, will i get all the chance to stay forever in this world with you?

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