October 25, 2008

The Stick and the Bottle

Glog, glog, glog, glog, glog. . .
Hsshhh. . . whooooshhhh. . .

Isa pa! hoy! Di mo inubos yang beer sa baso mo! Madaya ka! hmpf! One more bottle please... um, guys i think we're running out of beer, let's go for something hard! Don't forget the cigarette, OK?

Ah... Drinking beer and smoking cigarette is really something. One may rate this pleasure a little bit high. Some people drink and smoke because they want to feel good. Some do this because they want to relax or escape from the hustle of life's beauty. Some, when they're lonely or heartbroken, they drink to the last drop and smoke so that the pain in their heart will go away. Bet you didn't know that too much of this may also lead to death. As for me, yes, i drink and smoke but not to the full extent that I'm going to ruin my dreams all because of this. I only drink and smoke occasionally. People who threw their life with these vices end up getting hurt. For some reason, on my own account, drinking and smoking lets you reunite with your friends or barkadas and build dreams out of thin sheer imaginations, weird isn't it?

Now, I'm just a socialite who knows better than to deal with such vices. It's very hard to quit though, but try at least.

Alcohol intake won't do you any better, but I'm sure it'll take you high! Oh nicotine, you're so addictive i could not cut the habit concerning you. Why do i bother myself troubling the likes of you things? Although, you two are my partners in every crime, still, why can't the cops capture a boy like me? Too ironic, isn't it? But why do some people like you so much as if they are tied behind your back? You are really that addictive to us, aren't you? Nevertheless, the answer lies to those who know you better more than i do. But i have one question though, is it necessary to drink alcohol or sniff the smoke of nicotine?

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